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Eaton UPS DX RT (1-20kva)

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Eaton UPS DX RT (1-20kva) - copy - copy - copy - copy - copy - copy - copy

Eaton UPS DX RT (1-20kva) - copy - copy - copy - copy - copy - copy - copy

  • Brand: eton
  • Model no. : DX RT (1-20kva)
  • Origin: China
  • Product description: Eaton entered the Chinese market in 1993 and established its first joint venture. Since then, it has rapidly developed its business in China through mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and sole p
Product introduction:
Eaton UPS DX RT UPS can provide safe and reliable power protection for key servers and network transmission equipment, IT cabinet, telecommunications, VoIP and other equipment, banking and security systems, medical systems, manufacturing/control systems, laboratory equipment, precision instruments and meters, etc. The output power factor of dx-rt is up to 0.9 -- 1, which can provide more powerful carrying capacity, and it matches with the modern computer equipment that has widely used the input power factor correction circuit, and the input harmonic is small and green.
DX RT series UPS is a new generation of intelligent UPS designed by Eaton company for effectively solving the high quality power demand of modern IT equipment and network communication environment, which can be well matched with advanced modern IT equipment.

Excellent performance, provide all-round protection for key equipment

• the output power factor is 0.9 (6K, 10K model up to 1), fully matching the modern IT load equipment. More active power is provided at the same apparent power
• online dual switching topology, 0ms switching time, providing the highest quality power for critical equipment
• support parallel machine function, provide higher level power protection for key systems, make system reliability greater than 99.99% • 10KVA UPS is only 2U high, 20KV UPS is only 3U high, save cabinet internal space
• high efficiency and energy saving, saving more power and heat dissipation cost for customers
• CE, TLC, CQC compliance

Flexible configuration to meet different needs of customers

• standard battery modules or third-party battery boxes can be configured to provide more discharging time for the load
• compatible tower and rack type (standard 19-inch cabinet) installation, suitable for wide range of equipment room, saving investment cost
• charging current of 6K and 10K models can be flexibly set through the LCD panel according to the actual battery capacity of customers, so as to avoid the impact of excessive charging current on battery life on the premise of ensuring charging time
• 6K and 10K models have adjustable battery number 16/17/18/19/20. Can according to customer demand clever configuration

Simple operation and easy management

• the LCD can rotate 90 degrees according to the placement direction
• provide serial port, USB interface, EPO interface and editable dry node interface; in addition, provide intelligent slot for installing optional network card /Modbus card/dry node card to meet different communication monitoring needs
• combine Eaton IPM power management software to seamlessly integrate advanced virtualized environment and cloud management tools.


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